(2) Definitions In this subsection: (A) Animal waste (i) In general The term “animal waste” means feces, urine, or other excrement, digestive emission, urea, or similar substances emitted by animals (including any form of livestock, poultry, or fish). (ii) Inclusions The term “animal waste” includes animal waste that is mixed or commingled with bedding, compost, feed, soil, or any other material typically found with such waste. (B) Farm The term “farm” means a site or area (including associated structures) that— (i) is used for— (I) the production of a crop; or (II) the raising or selling of animals (including any form of livestock, poultry, or fish); and (ii) under normal conditions, produces during a farm year any agricultural products with a total value equal to not less than $1,000.


42 USC § 9603(e)(2)

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