operational cost savings

(A)The term “operational cost savings” means a reduction in end-use operational costs through the application of cost-effective technologies and practices or geothermal heat pumps, including a reduction in electricity consumption relative to consumption by the same customer or at the same facility in a given year, as defined in guidelines promulgated by the Administrator pursuant to, that achieves cost savings sufficient to pay the incremental additional costs of using cost-effective technologies and practices including geothermal heat pumps by not later than the later of the date established under sections 431 through 434,or— (i)for cost-effective technologies and practices, the date that is 5 years after the date of installation; and (ii)for geothermal heat pumps, as soon as practical after the date of installation of the applicable geothermal heat pump.


42 USC § 17061(9)(A)

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