(I)The term “resident” includes an intern or other participant in an approved medical residency training program. (J) (i)In the case of an approved medical residency training program (meeting the requirements of clause (ii)) of a hospital which received funds from the United States, a State, or a political subdivision of a State or an instrumentality of such a State or political subdivision (other than payments under this subchapter or a State plan under subchapter XIX) for the program during the cost reporting period that began during fiscal year 1984, the Secretary shall— (I)provide for an average amount under paragraph (2)(A) that takes into account the Secretary’s estimate of the amount that would have been recognized as reasonable under this subchapter if the hospital had not received such funds, and (II)reduce the payment amount otherwise provided under this subsection in an amount equal to the proportion of such program funds received during the cost reporting period involved that is allocable to this subchapter. (ii)A hospital’s approved medical residency program meets the requirements of this clause if— (I)the program is limited to training for family and community medicine; (II)the program is the only approved medical residency program of the hospital; and (III)the average amount determined under paragraph (2)(A) for the hospital (as determined without regard to the increase in such amount described in clause (i)(I)) does not exceed $10,000.


42 USC § 1395ww(h)(5)(I)

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