qualified State or local government retiree group

(6) (A) In the case where a State, a political subdivision of a State, or an agency or instrumentality of a State or political subdivision thereof determines to pay, for the life of each individual, the monthly premiums due under paragraph (1) on behalf of each of the individuals in a qualified State or local government retiree group who meets the conditions of subsection (a), the amount of any increase otherwise applicable under section 1395r(b) of this title (as applied and modified by subsection (c)(6) of this section) with respect to the monthly premium for benefits under this part for an individual who is a member of such group shall be reduced by the total amount of taxes paid under section 3101(b) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 by such individual and under section 3111(b) of such Code by the employers of such individual on behalf of such individual with respect to employment (as defined in section 3121(b) of such Code). (B) For purposes of this paragraph, the term “qualified State or local government retiree group” means all of the individuals who retire prior to a specified date that is before January 1, 2002 , from employment in one or more occupations or other broad classes of employees of— (i) the State; (ii) a political subdivision of the State; or (iii) an agency or instrumentality of the State or political subdivision of the State.


42 USC § 1395i-2(d)(6)

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