authorized person

(1) Authorized person The term “authorized person” means— (A) any agency of a State (or of a political subdivision of a State) which has duties or authority under State law relating to the public health or otherwise has the duty or authority under State law to regulate blood donations, and (B) any entity engaged in the acceptance of blood donations which is licensed or registered by the Food and Drug Administration in connection with the acceptance of such blood donations, and which, in accordance with such regulations as may be prescribed by the Commissioner of Social Security, provides for— (i) the confidentiality of any address information received pursuant to this section and related blood donor records, (ii) blood donor notification procedures for individuals with respect to whom such information is requested and a finding has been made that they have or may have the virus for acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and (iii) counseling services for such individuals who have been found to have such virus.


42 USC § 1320b-11(h)(1)

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