discounted price

(4) Discounted price (A) In general The term “discounted price” means 50 percent (or, with respect to a plan year after plan year 2018, 30 percent) of the negotiated price of the applicable drug of a manufacturer. (B) Clarification Nothing in this section shall be construed as affecting the responsibility of an applicable beneficiary for payment of a dispensing fee for an applicable drug. (C) Special case for certain claims In the case where the entire amount of the negotiated price of an individual claim for an applicable drug with respect to an applicable beneficiary does not fall at or above the initial coverage limit under section 1395w–102(b)(3) of this title and below the annual out-of-pocket threshold specified in section 1395w–102(b)(4)(B) of this title for the year, the manufacturer of the applicable drug shall provide the discounted price under this section on only the portion of the negotiated price of the applicable drug that falls at or above such initial coverage limit and below such annual out-of-pocket threshold.


42 USC § 1395w-114a(g)(4)

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