cost containment measure

(9) Cost containment measure.— (A) Definition of cost containment measure .— In this subsection, the term “cost containment measure” means a competitive bidding, rebate, direct distribution, or home delivery system implemented by a State agency as described in the approved State plan of operation and administration of the State agency. (B) Solicitation and rebate billing requirements .— Any State agency instituting a cost containment measure for any authorized food, including infant formula, shall— (i) in the bid solicitation— (I) identify the composition of State alliances for the purposes of a cost containment measure; and (II) verify that no additional States shall be added to the State alliance between the date of the bid solicitation and the end of the contract; (ii) have a system to ensure that rebate invoices under competitive bidding provide a reasonable estimate or an actual count of the number of units sold to participants in the program under this section; (iii) open and read aloud all bids at a public proceeding on the day on which the bids are due; and (iv) unless otherwise exempted by the Secretary, provide a minimum of 30 days between the publication of the solicitation and the date on which the bids are due. (C) State alliances for authorized foods other than infant formula .— Program requirements relating to the size of State alliances under paragraph (8)(A)(iv) shall apply to cost containment measures established for any authorized food under this section.


42 USC § 1786(h)(9)

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