qualified entity

(4) (A) The Secretary shall undertake to demonstrate the improvements that can be made in the assignment of members of the Corps to health professional shortage areas and in the delivery of health care by Corps members in such areas through coordination with States, political subdivisions of States, agencies of States and political subdivisions, and other public and private entities which have expertise in the planning, development, and operation of centers for the delivery of primary health care. In carrying out this subparagraph, the Secretary shall enter into agreements with qualified entities which provide that if— (i) the entity places in effect a program for the planning, development, and operation of centers for the delivery of primary health care in health professional shortage areas which reasonably addresses the need for such care in such areas, and (ii) under the program the entity will perform the functions described in subparagraph (B), the Secretary will assign under this section members of the Corps in accordance with the program. (B) For purposes of subparagraph (A), the term “qualified entity” means a State, political subdivision of a State, an agency of a State or political subdivision, or other public or private entity operating solely within one State, which the Secretary determines is able— (i) to analyze the potential use of health professions personnel in defined health services delivery areas by the residents of such areas; (ii) to determine the need for such personnel in such areas and to recruit, select, and retain health professions personnel (including members of the National Health Service Corps) to meet such need; (iii) to determine the extent to which such areas will have a financial base to support the practice of such personnel and the extent to which additional financial resources are needed to adequately support the practice; (iv) to determine the types of inpatient and other health services that should be provided by such personnel in such areas; (v) to assist such personnel in the development of their clinical practice and fee schedules and in the management of their practice; (vi) to assist in the planning and development of facilities for the delivery of primary health care; and (vii) to assist in establishing the governing bodies of centers for the delivery of such care and to assist such bodies in defining and carrying out their responsibilities.


42 USC § 254f(d)(4)

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