cost-effective lighting technology

(5) Cost-effective lighting technology (A) In general The term “cost-effective lighting technology” means a lighting technology that— (i) will result in substantial operational cost savings by ensuring an installed consumption of not more than 1 watt per square foot; or (ii) is contained in a list under— (I) section 8259b of this title ; (II) Federal acquisition regulation 23–203; and (III) is at least as energy-conserving as required by other provisions of this Act, including the requirements of this title 1 and title III 1 which shall be applicable to the extent that they would achieve greater energy savings than provided under clause (i) or this clause. (B) Inclusions The term “cost-effective lighting technology” includes— (i) lamps; (ii) ballasts; (iii) luminaires; (iv) lighting controls; (v) daylighting; and (vi) early use of other highly cost-effective lighting technologies.


42 USC § 17061(5)

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