comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility

(2) The term “comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility” means a facility which— (A) is primarily engaged in providing (by or under the supervision of physicians) diagnostic, therapeutic, and restorative services to outpatients for the rehabilitation of injured, disabled, or sick persons; (B) provides at least the following comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation services: (i) physicians’ services (rendered by physicians, as defined in subsection (r)(1), who are available at the facility on a full- or part-time basis); (ii) physical therapy; and (iii) social or psychological services; (C) maintains clinical records on all patients; (D) has policies established by a group of professional personnel (associated with the facility), including one or more physicians defined in subsection (r)(1) to govern the comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation services it furnishes, and provides for the carrying out of such policies by a full- or part-time physician referred to in subparagraph (B)(i); (E) has a requirement that every patient must be under the care of a physician; (F) in the case of a facility in any State in which State or applicable local law provides for the licensing of facilities of this nature (i) is licensed pursuant to such law, or (ii) is approved by the agency of such State or locality, responsible for licensing facilities of this nature, as meeting the standards established for such licensing; (G) has in effect a utilization review plan in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary; (H) has in effect an overall plan and budget that meets the requirements of subsection (z); (I) provides the Secretary on a continuing basis with a surety bond in a form specified by the Secretary and in an amount that is not less than $50,000; and (J) meets such other conditions of participation as the Secretary may find necessary in the interest of the health and safety of individuals who are furnished services by such facility, including conditions concerning qualifications of personnel in these facilities. The Secretary may waive the requirement of a surety bond under subparagraph (I) in the case of a facility that provides a comparable surety bond under State law.


42 USC § 1395x(cc)(2)

Scoping language

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