eligible critical access hospital

(7) Critical access hospitals transitioning to skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities (A) Grants The Secretary may award grants to eligible critical access hospitals that have submitted applications in accordance with subparagraph (B) for assisting such hospitals in the transition to skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. (B) Application An applicable critical access hospital seeking a grant under this paragraph shall submit an application to the Secretary on or before such date and in such form and manner as the Secretary specifies. (C) Additional requirements The Secretary may not award a grant under this paragraph to an eligible critical access hospital unless— (i) local organizations or the State in which the hospital is located provides matching funds; and (ii) the hospital provides assurances that it will surrender critical access hospital status under this subchapter within 180 days of receiving the grant. (D) Amount of grant A grant to an eligible critical access hospital under this paragraph may not exceed $1,000,000. (E) Funding There are appropriated from the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund under section 1395i of this title for making grants under this paragraph, $5,000,000 for fiscal year 2008. (F) Eligible critical access hospital defined For purposes of this paragraph, the term “eligible critical access hospital” means a critical access hospital that has an average daily acute census of less than 0.5 and an average daily swing bed census of greater than 10.0.


42 USC § 1395i-4(g)(7)

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