telecommunications system

(1) In general Subject to paragraph (8), the Secretary shall pay for telehealth services that are furnished via a telecommunications system by a physician (as defined in section 1395x(r) of this title ) or a practitioner (described in section 1395u(b)(18)(C) of this title ) to an eligible telehealth individual enrolled under this part notwithstanding that the individual physician or practitioner providing the telehealth service is not at the same location as the beneficiary. For purposes of the preceding sentence, in the case of any Federal telemedicine demonstration program conducted in Alaska or Hawaii, the term ‚Äútelecommunications system‚ÄĚ includes store-and-forward technologies that provide for the asynchronous transmission of health care information in single or multimedia formats.


42 USC § 1395m(m)(1)

Scoping language

None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (part B) of this section.
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