medically underserved children and adolescents

(2) Medically underserved children and adolescents (A) In general The term “medically underserved children and adolescents” means a population of children and adolescents who are residents of an area designated as a medically underserved area or a health professional shortage area by the Secretary. (B) Criteria The Secretary shall prescribe criteria for determining the specific shortages of personal health services for medically underserved children and adolescents under subparagraph (A) that shall— (i) take into account any comments received by the Secretary from the chief executive officer of a State and local officials in a State; and (ii) include factors indicative of the health status of such children and adolescents of an area, including the ability of the residents of such area to pay for health services, the accessibility of such services, the availability of health professionals to such children and adolescents, and other factors as determined appropriate by the Secretary.


42 USC § 280h-5(a)(2)

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