necessary services

(4) “necessary services” means services which may be provided by grantees which are— (A) pregnancy testing and maternity counseling; (B) adoption counseling and referral services which present adoption as an option for pregnant adolescents, including referral to licensed adoption agencies in the community if the eligible grant recipient is not a licensed adoption agency; (C) primary and preventive health services including prenatal and postnatal care; (D) nutrition information and counseling; (E) referral for screening and treatment of venereal disease; (F) referral to appropriate pediatric care; (G) educational services relating to family life and problems associated with adolescent premarital sexual relations, including— (i) information about adoption; (ii) education on the responsibilities of sexuality and parenting; (iii) the development of material to support the role of parents as the provider of sex education; and (iv) assistance to parents, schools, youth agencies, and health providers to educate adolescents and preadolescents concerning self-discipline and responsibility in human sexuality; (H) appropriate educational and vocational services; (I) referral to licensed residential care or maternity home services; and (J) mental health services and referral to mental health services and to other appropriate physical health services; (K) child care sufficient to enable the adolescent parent to continue education or to enter into employment; (L) consumer education and homemaking; (M) counseling for the immediate and extended family members of the eligible person; (N) transportation; (O) outreach services to families of adolescents to discourage sexual relations among unemancipated minors; (P) family planning services; and (Q) such other services consistent with the purposes of this subchapter as the Secretary may approve in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Secretary;


42 USC § 300z-1(a)(4)

Scoping language

For the purposes of this subchapter
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