(5) Definitions In this subsection: (A) Additional disclosable party The term “additional disclosable party” means, with respect to a facility, any person or entity who— (i) exercises operational, financial, or managerial control over the facility or a part thereof, or provides policies or procedures for any of the operations of the facility, or provides financial or cash management services to the facility; (ii) leases or subleases real property to the facility, or owns a whole or part interest equal to or exceeding 5 percent of the total value of such real property; or (iii) provides management or administrative services, management or clinical consulting services, or accounting or financial services to the facility. (B) Facility The term “facility” means a disclosing entity which is— (i) a skilled nursing facility (as defined in section 1395i–3(a) of this title ); or (ii) a nursing facility (as defined in section 1396r(a) of this title ). (C) Managing employee The term “managing employee” means, with respect to a facility, an individual (including a general manager, business manager, administrator, director, or consultant) who directly or indirectly manages, advises, or supervises any element of the practices, finances, or operations of the facility. (D) Organizational structure The term “organizational structure” means, in the case of— (i) a corporation, the officers, directors, and shareholders of the corporation who have an ownership interest in the corporation which is equal to or exceeds 5 percent; (ii) a limited liability company, the members and managers of the limited liability company (including, as applicable, what percentage each member and manager has of the ownership interest in the limited liability company); (iii) a general partnership, the partners of the general partnership; (iv) a limited partnership, the general partners and any limited partners of the limited partnership who have an ownership interest in the limited partnership which is equal to or exceeds 10 percent; (v) a trust, the trustees of the trust; (vi) an individual, contact information for the individual; and (vii) any other person or entity, such information as the Secretary determines appropriate.


42 USC § 1320a-3(c)(5)

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