surplus cash flow

(3) Terms of repayment (A) Interest payments (i) In general Under the model program, advances shall be repaid with interest calculated at a rate of not more than 3 percent per year, as determined by the participating jurisdiction to be appropriate. Interest shall begin to accrue 1 year after the completion of the construction, acquisition, or substantial rehabilitation of the project and shall be payable in annual installments. (ii) Exception Interest and any accrued interest shall be payable only from the surplus cash flow of the project, after a minimum return on equity determined by the participating jurisdiction to be appropriate. As used in the previous sentence, the term “surplus cash flow” means the cash flow of the project after the payment of all amounts due under the first mortgage, operating expenses, and required replacement reserves, as determined by the participating jurisdiction. (B) Additional interest payments Under the model program, for any year in which the sum of the surplus cash flow of a project and the return on equity exceeds all interest payments due under subparagraph (A), 50 percent of the excess surplus cash flow shall be paid to the participating jurisdiction’s HOME Investment Trust Fund as additional interest. (C) Principal and unpaid interest The principal amount of an advance under the model program, and any interest remaining unpaid pursuant to subparagraph (A)(ii) shall be repayable when the housing no longer qualifies as affordable housing in accordance with section 12749(b) of this title .


42 USC § 12802(a)(3)

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