specialist care scarcity counties

(ii)those counties and areas (in this subsection referred to as “specialist care scarcity counties”) with the lowest specialist care ratios that represent, if each such county or area were weighted by the number of individuals determined under paragraph (2)(B), an aggregate total of 20 percent of the total of the individuals determined under such paragraph. (B)The Secretary shall periodically revise the counties or areas identified in subparagraph (A) (but not less often than once every three years) unless the Secretary determines that there is no new data available on the number of physicians practicing in the county or area or the number of individuals residing in the county or area, as identified in paragraph (2). (C)For purposes of paying the additional amount specified in paragraph (1), if the Secretary uses the 5-digit postal ZIP Code where the service is furnished, the dominant county of the postal ZIP Code (as determined by the United States Postal Service, or otherwise) shall be used to determine whether the postal ZIP Code is in a scarcity county identified in subparagraph (A) or revised in subparagraph (B). (D)With respect to physicians’ services furnished on or after, and before, for purposes of this subsection, the Secretary shall use the primary care scarcity counties and the specialty care scarcity counties (as identified under the preceding provisions of this paragraph) that the Secretary was using under this subsection with respect to physicians’ services furnished on. (E)There shall be no administrative or judicial review under section 1395ff, 1395of this title, or otherwise, respecting— (i)the identification of a county or area; (ii)the assignment of a specialty of any physician under this paragraph; (iii)the assignment of a physician to a county under paragraph (2); or (iv)the assignment of a postal ZIP Code to a county or other area under this subsection.


42 USC § 1395l(u)(4)(A)(ii)

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