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(3) Supplemental benefits (A) Benefits included subject to Secretary’s approval Subject to subparagraph (D), each Medicare+Choice organization may provide to individuals enrolled under this part, other than under an MSA plan (without affording those individuals an option to decline the coverage), supplemental health care benefits that the Secretary may approve. The Secretary shall approve any such supplemental benefits unless the Secretary determines that including such supplemental benefits would substantially discourage enrollment by Medicare+Choice eligible individuals with the organization. (B) At enrollees’ option (i) In general Subject to clause (ii), a Medicare+Choice organization may provide to individuals enrolled under this part supplemental health care benefits that the individuals may elect, at their option, to have covered. (ii) Special rule for MSA plans A Medicare+Choice organization may not provide, under an MSA plan, supplemental health care benefits that cover the deductible described in section 1395w–28(b)(2)(B) of this title . In applying the previous sentence, health benefits described in section 1395ss(u)(2)(B) of this title shall not be treated as covering such deductible. (C) Application to Medicare+Choice private fee-for-service plans Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed as preventing a Medicare+Choice private fee-for-service plan from offering supplemental benefits that include payment for some or all of the balance billing amounts permitted consistent with subsection (k) and coverage of additional services that the plan finds to be medically necessary. Such benefits may include reductions in cost-sharing below the actuarial value specified in section 1395w–24(e)(4)(B) of this title . (D) Expanding supplemental benefits to meet the needs of chronically ill enrollees (i) In general For plan year 2020 and subsequent plan years, in addition to any supplemental health care benefits otherwise provided under this paragraph, an MA plan, including a specialized MA plan for special needs individuals (as defined in section 1395w–28(b)(6) of this title ), may provide supplemental benefits described in clause (ii) to a chronically ill enrollee (as defined in clause (iii)). (ii) Supplemental benefits described (I) In general Supplemental benefits described in this clause are supplemental benefits that, with respect to a chronically ill enrollee, have a reasonable expectation of improving or maintaining the health or overall function of the chronically ill enrollee and may not be limited to being primarily health related benefits. (II) Authority to waive uniformity requirements The Secretary may, only with respect to supplemental benefits provided to a chronically ill enrollee under this subparagraph, waive the uniformity requirements under this part, as determined appropriate by the Secretary. (iii) Chronically ill enrollee defined In this subparagraph, the term “chronically ill enrollee” means an enrollee in an MA plan that the Secretary determines— (I) has one or more comorbid and medically complex chronic conditions that is life threatening or significantly limits the overall health or function of the enrollee; (II) has a high risk of hospitalization or other adverse health outcomes; and (III) requires intensive care coordination.


42 USC § 1395w-22(a)(3)

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