Nursing Home Compare

(A)The Secretary shall ensure that the Department of Health and Human Services includes, as part of the information provided for comparison of nursing homes on the official Internet website of the Federal Government for Medicare beneficiaries (commonly referred to as the “Nursing Home Compare” Medicare website) (or a successor website), the following information in a manner that is prominent, updated on a timely basis, easily accessible, readily understandable to consumers of long-term care services, and searchable: (i)Staffing data for each facility (including resident census data and data on the hours of care provided per resident per day) based on data submitted under, including information on staffing turnover and tenure, in a format that is clearly understandable to consumers of long-term care services and allows such consumers to compare differences in staffing between facilities and State and national averages for the facilities. Such format shall include— (I)concise explanations of how to interpret the data (such as plain English explanation of data reflecting “nursing home staff hours per resident day”); (II)differences in types of staff (such as training associated with different categories of staff); (III)the relationship between nurse staffing levels and quality of care; and (IV)an explanation that appropriate staffing levels vary based on patient case mix. (ii)Links to State Internet websites with information regarding State survey and certification programs, links to Form 2567 State inspection reports (or a successor form) on such websites, information to guide consumers in how to interpret and understand such reports, and the facility plan of correction or other response to such report. Any such links shall be posted on a timely basis. (iii)The standardized complaint form developed undersection 1320a–7j(f) of this title, including explanatory material on what complaint forms are, how they are used, and how to file a complaint with the State survey and certification program and the State long-term care ombudsman program. (iv)Summary information on the number, type, severity, and outcome of substantiated complaints. (v)The number of adjudicated instances of criminal violations by a facility or the employees of a facility— (I)that were committed inside of the facility; and (II)with respect to such instances of violations or crimes committed outside of the facility, that were violations or crimes that resulted in the serious bodily injury of an elder. (B) (i)Except as provided in clause (ii), the Secretary shall ensure that the information described in subparagraph (A) is included on such website (or a successor website) not later than 1 year after. (ii)The Secretary shall ensure that the information described in subparagraph (A)(i) is included on such website (or a successor website) not later than the date on which the requirements underare implemented.


42 USC § 1396r(i)(1)(A)

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