supportive services

(29) Supportive services The term “supportive services” means services that address the special needs of people served by a project, including— (A) the establishment and operation of a child care services program for families experiencing homelessness; (B) the establishment and operation of an employment assistance program, including providing job training; (C) the provision of outpatient health services, food, and case management; (D) the provision of assistance in obtaining permanent housing, employment counseling, and nutritional counseling; (E) the provision of outreach services, advocacy, life skills training, and housing search and counseling services; (F) the provision of mental health services, trauma counseling, and victim services; (G) the provision of assistance in obtaining other Federal, State, and local assistance available for residents of supportive housing (including mental health benefits, employment counseling, and medical assistance, but not including major medical equipment); (H) the provision of legal services for purposes including requesting reconsiderations and appeals of veterans and public benefit claim denials and resolving outstanding warrants that interfere with an individual’s ability to obtain and retain housing; (I) the provision of— (i) transportation services that facilitate an individual’s ability to obtain and maintain employment; and (ii) health care; and (J) other supportive services necessary to obtain and maintain housing.


42 USC § 11360(29)

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