creditable prescription drug coverage

(4) Creditable prescription drug coverage defined For purposes of this part, the term “creditable prescription drug coverage” means any of the following coverage, but only if the coverage meets the requirement of paragraph (5): (A) Coverage under prescription drug plan or MA–PD plan Coverage under a prescription drug plan or under an MA–PD plan. (B) Medicaid Coverage under a medicaid plan under subchapter XIX or under a waiver under section 1315 of this title . (C) Group health plan Coverage under a group health plan, including a health benefits plan under chapter 89 of title 5 (commonly known as the Federal employees health benefits program), and a qualified retiree prescription drug plan (as defined in section 1395w–132(a)(2) of this title ). (D) State pharmaceutical assistance program Coverage under a State pharmaceutical assistance program described in section 1395w–133(b)(1) of this title . (E) Veterans’ coverage of prescription drugs Coverage for veterans, and survivors and dependents of veterans, under chapter 17 of title 38. (F) Prescription drug coverage under medigap policies Coverage under a medicare supplemental policy under section 1395ss of this title that provides benefits for prescription drugs (whether or not such coverage conforms to the standards for packages of benefits under section 1395ss(p)(1) of this title ). (G) Military coverage (including TRICARE) Coverage under chapter 55 of title 10. (H) Other coverage Such other coverage as the Secretary determines appropriate.


42 USC § 1395w-113(b)(4)

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For purposes of this part
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