MSA plan

(3) MSA plan (A) In general The term “MSA plan” means a Medicare+ÐChoice plan that— (i) provides reimbursement for at least the items and services described in section 1395w–22(a)(1) of this title in a year but only after the enrollee incurs countable expenses (as specified under the plan) equal to the amount of an annual deductible (described in subparagraph (B)); (ii) counts as such expenses (for purposes of such deductible) at least all amounts that would have been payable under parts A and B, and that would have been payable by the enrollee as deductibles, coinsurance, or copayments, if the enrollee had elected to receive benefits through the provisions of such parts; and (iii) provides, after such deductible is met for a year and for all subsequent expenses for items and services referred to in clause (i) in the year, for a level of reimbursement that is not less than— (I) 100 percent of such expenses, or (II) 100 percent of the amounts that would have been paid (without regard to any deductibles or coinsurance) under parts A and B with respect to such expenses, whichever is less. (B) Deductible The amount of annual deductible under an MSA plan— (i) for contract year 1999 shall be not more than $6,000; and (ii) for a subsequent contract year shall be not more than the maximum amount of such deductible for the previous contract year under this subparagraph increased by the national per capita Medicare+Choice growth percentage under section 1395w–23(c)(6) of this title for the year. If the amount of the deductible under clause (ii) is not a multiple of $50, the amount shall be rounded to the nearest multiple of $50.


42 USC § 1395w-28(b)(3)

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