foster child guardianship

(12) Foster child guardianship The term “foster child guardianship” means, with respect to a State, the exit of a child from foster care under the responsibility of the State to live with a legal guardian, if the State has reported to the Secretary— (A) that the State agency has determined that— (i) the child has been removed from his or her home pursuant to a voluntary placement agreement or as a result of a judicial determination to the effect that continuation in the home would be contrary to the welfare of the child; (ii) being returned home or adopted are not appropriate permanency options for the child; (iii) the child demonstrates a strong attachment to the prospective legal guardian, and the prospective legal guardian has a strong commitment to caring permanently for the child; and (iv) if the child has attained 14 years of age, the child has been consulted regarding the legal guardianship arrangement; or (B) the alternative procedures used by the State to determine that legal guardianship is the appropriate option for the child.


42 USC § 673b(g)(12)

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