advanced energy technology

(1) Advanced energy technology The term “advanced energy technology” means— (A) an innovative technology— (i) that produces energy from solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal, wave, ocean, or other renewable energy resources; (ii) that produces nuclear energy; (iii) for carbon capture and sequestration; (iv) that enables advanced vehicles, vehicle components, and related technologies that result in significant energy savings; (v) that generates, transmits, distributes, uses, or stores energy more efficiently than conventional technologies, including through Smart Grid technologies; or (vi) that enhances the energy independence and security of the United States by enabling improved or expanded supply and production of domestic energy resources, including coal, oil, and natural gas; (B) a research, development, demonstration, or commercial application activity necessary to ensure the long-term, secure, and sustainable supply of an energy-critical element; or (C) any other innovative energy technology area identified by the Secretary.


42 USC § 18632(a)(1)

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