over-income family

(5) Occupancy by over-income families in certain public housing.— (A) Authority .— Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a public housing agency that owns or operates less than 250 units may, on a month-to-month basis, lease a dwelling unit in a public housing project to an over-income family in accordance with this paragraph, but only if there are no eligible families applying for housing assistance from the public housing agency for that month and the agency provides not less than 30-day public notice of the availability of such assistance. (B) Terms and conditions .— The number and location of dwelling units of a public housing agency occupied under this paragraph by over-income families, and the terms and conditions of those tenancies, shall be determined by the public housing agency, except that— (i) notwithstanding paragraph (2), rent for a unit shall be in an amount that is not less than the costs to operate the unit; (ii) if an eligible family applies for residence after an over-income family moves in to the last available unit, the over-income family shall vacate the unit in accordance with notice of termination of tenancy provided by the agency, which shall be provided not less than 30 days before such termination; and (iii) if a unit is vacant and there is no one on the waiting list, the public housing agency may allow an over-income family to gain immediate occupancy in the unit, while simultaneously providing reasonable public notice and outreach with regard to availability of the unit. (C) Definition .— For purposes of this paragraph, the term “over-income family” means an individual or family that is not a low-income family at the time of initial occupancy.


42 USC § 1437a(a)(5)

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