(5) Redistribution of unexpended amounts (A) Availability of amounts To the extent that amounts paid to States under this section in a fiscal year remain unexpended by the States at the end of the succeeding fiscal year, the Secretary may make the amounts available for redistribution in the second succeeding fiscal year among the States that apply for additional funds under this section for that second succeeding fiscal year. (B) Redistribution (i) In general The Secretary shall redistribute the amounts made available under subparagraph (A) for a fiscal year among eligible applicant States. In this subparagraph, the term “eligible applicant State” means a State that has applied for additional funds for the fiscal year under subparagraph (A) if the Secretary determines that the State will use the funds for the purpose for which originally allotted under this section. (ii) Amount to be redistributed The amount to be redistributed to each eligible applicant State shall be the amount so made available multiplied by the State foster care ratio, (as defined in subsection (c)(4), except that, in such subsection, “all eligible applicant States (as defined in subsection (d)(5)(B)(i))” shall be substituted for “all States”). (iii) Treatment of redistributed amount Any amount made available to a State under this paragraph shall be regarded as part of the allotment of the State under this section for the fiscal year in which the redistribution is made. (C) Tribes For purposes of this paragraph, the term “State” includes an Indian tribe, tribal organization, or tribal consortium that receives an allotment under this section.


42 USC § 677(d)(5)

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