physician incentive plan

(3) Personal service arrangements (A) In general Remuneration from an entity under an arrangement (including remuneration for specific physicians’ services furnished to a nonprofit blood center) if— (i) the arrangement is set out in writing, signed by the parties, and specifies the services covered by the arrangement, (ii) the arrangement covers all of the services to be provided by the physician (or an immediate family member of such physician) to the entity, (iii) the aggregate services contracted for do not exceed those that are reasonable and necessary for the legitimate business purposes of the arrangement, (iv) the term of the arrangement is for at least 1 year, (v) the compensation to be paid over the term of the arrangement is set in advance, does not exceed fair market value, and except in the case of a physician incentive plan described in subparagraph (B), is not determined in a manner that takes into account the volume or value of any referrals or other business generated between the parties, (vi) the services to be performed under the arrangement do not involve the counseling or promotion or a business arrangement or other activity that violates any State or Federal law, and (vii) the arrangement meets such other requirements as the Secretary may impose by regulation as needed to protect against program or patient abuse. (B) Physician incentive plan exception (i) In general In the case of a physician incentive plan (as defined in clause (ii)) between a physician and an entity, the compensation may be determined in a manner (through a withhold, capitation, bonus, or otherwise) that takes into account directly or indirectly the volume or value of any referrals or other business generated between the parties, if the plan meets the following requirements: (I) No specific payment is made directly or indirectly under the plan to a physician or a physician group as an inducement to reduce or limit medically necessary services provided with respect to a specific individual enrolled with the entity. (II) In the case of a plan that places a physician or a physician group at substantial financial risk as determined by the Secretary pursuant to section 1395mm(i)(8)(A)(ii) of this title , the plan complies with any requirements the Secretary may impose pursuant to such section. (III) Upon request by the Secretary, the entity provides the Secretary with access to descriptive information regarding the plan, in order to permit the Secretary to determine whether the plan is in compliance with the requirements of this clause. (ii) “Physician incentive plan” defined For purposes of this subparagraph, the term “physician incentive plan” means any compensation arrangement between an entity and a physician or physician group that may directly or indirectly have the effect of reducing or limiting services provided with respect to individuals enrolled with the entity. (C) Holdover personal service arrangement In the case of a holdover personal service arrangement, which immediately follows an arrangement described in subparagraph (A) that expired after a term of at least 1 year, remuneration from an entity pursuant to such holdover personal service arrangement, if— (i) the personal service arrangement met the conditions of subparagraph (A) when the arrangement expired; (ii) the holdover personal service arrangement is on the same terms and conditions as the immediately preceding arrangement; and (iii) the holdover arrangement continues to satisfy the conditions of subparagraph (A).


42 USC § 1395nn(e)(3)

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