physician incentive plan

(ii)For purposes of this subparagraph, the term “physician incentive plan” means any compensation arrangement between an entity and a physician or physician group that may directly or indirectly have the effect of reducing or limiting services provided with respect to individuals enrolled with the entity. (C)In the case of a holdover personal service arrangement, which immediately follows an arrangement described in subparagraph (A) that expired after a term of at least 1 year, remuneration from an entity pursuant to such holdover personal service arrangement, if— (i)the personal service arrangement met the conditions of subparagraph (A) when the arrangement expired; (ii)the holdover personal service arrangement is on the same terms and conditions as the immediately preceding arrangement; and (iii)the holdover arrangement continues to satisfy the conditions of subparagraph (A).


42 USC § 1395nn(e)(3)(B)(ii)

Scoping language

For purposes of this subparagraph
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