at risk of homelessness

(1) At risk of homelessness The term “at risk of homelessness” means, with respect to an individual or family, that the individual or family— (A) has income below 30 percent of median income for the geographic area; (B) has insufficient resources immediately available to attain housing stability; and (C) (i) has moved frequently because of economic reasons; (ii) is living in the home of another because of economic hardship; (iii) has been notified that their right to occupy their current housing or living situation will be terminated; (iv) lives in a hotel or motel; (v) lives in severely overcrowded housing; (vi) is exiting an institution; or (vii) otherwise lives in housing that has characteristics associated with instability and an increased risk of homelessness. Such term includes all families with children and youth defined as homeless under other Federal statutes.


42 USC § 11360(1)

Scoping language

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