(1) In this subsection: (A) The term “AV” means the adjusted volume (ft 3 ) (defined as 1.63 x frozen temperature compartment volume (ft 3 ) + chilled temperature compartment volume (ft 3 )) with compartment volumes measured in accordance with the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Standard HRF1–1979. (B) The term “V” means the chilled or frozen compartment volume (ft 3 ) (as defined in the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Standard HRF1–1979). (C) The term “service over the counter, self-contained, medium temperature commercial refrigerator” or “(SOC–SC–M)” means a medium temperature commercial refrigerator— (i) with a self-contained condensing unit and equipped with sliding or hinged doors in the back intended for use by sales personnel, and with glass or other transparent material in the front for displaying merchandise; and (ii) that has a height not greater than 66 inches and is intended to serve as a counter for transactions between sales personnel and customers. (D) The term “TDA” means the total display area (ft 2 ) of the refrigerated case, as defined in AHRI Standard 1200. (E) Other terms have such meanings as may be established by the Secretary, based on industry-accepted definitions and practice.


42 USC § 6313(c)(1)

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