PACE program

(2) “PACE program” defined For purposes of this section, the term “PACE program” means a program of all-inclusive care for the elderly that meets the following requirements: (A) Operation The entity operating the program is a PACE provider (as defined in paragraph (3)). (B) Comprehensive benefits The program provides comprehensive health care services to PACE program eligible individuals in accordance with the PACE program agreement and regulations under this section. (C) Transition In the case of an individual who is enrolled under the program under this section and whose enrollment ceases for any reason (including that the individual no longer qualifies as a PACE program eligible individual, the termination of a PACE program agreement, or otherwise), the program provides assistance to the individual in obtaining necessary transitional care through appropriate referrals and making the individual’s medical records available to new providers.


42 USC § 1395eee(a)(2)

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For purposes of this section
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