medical group

(4) The term “medical group” means a partnership, association, or other group— (A) which is composed of health professionals licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy and of such other licensed health professionals (including dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, and psychologists) as are necessary for the provision of health services for which the group is responsible; (B) a majority of the members of which are licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy; and (C) the members of which (i) as their principal professional activity engage in the coordinated practice of their profession and as a group responsibility have substantial responsibility for the delivery of health services to members of a health maintenance organization, except that this clause does not apply before the end of the forty-eight month period beginning after the month in which the health maintenance oranization becomes a qualified health maintenance organization as defined in section 300e–9(d) of this title, or as authorized by the Secretary in accordance with regulations that take into consideration the unusual circumstances of the group; (ii) pool their income from practice as members of the group and distribute it among themselves according to a prearranged salary or drawing account or other similar plan unrelated to the provision of specific health services; (iii) share medical and other records and substantial portions of major equipment and of professional, technical, and administrative staff; (iv) arrange for and encourage continuing education in the field of clinical medicine and related areas for the members of the group; and (v) establish an arrangement whereby a member’s enrollment status is not known to the health professional who provides health services to the member.


42 USC § 300e-1(4)

Scoping language

For purposes of this subchapter
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