hospice coinsurance period

(4) (A) The amount payable for hospice care shall be reduced— (i) in the case of drugs and biologicals provided on an outpatient basis by (or under arrangements made by) the hospice program, by a coinsurance amount equal to an amount (not to exceed $5 per prescription) determined in accordance with a drug copayment schedule (established by the hospice program) which is related to, and approximates 5 percent of, the cost of the drug or biological to the program, and (ii) in the case of respite care provided by (or under arrangements made by) the hospice program, by a coinsurance amount equal to 5 percent of the amount estimated by the hospice program (in accordance with regulations of the Secretary) to be equal to the amount of payment under section 1395f(i) of this title to that program for respite care; except that the total of the coinsurance required under clause (ii) for an individual may not exceed for a hospice coinsurance period the inpatient hospital deductible applicable for the year in which the period began. For purposes of this subparagraph, the term “hospice coinsurance period” means, for an individual, a period of consecutive days beginning with the first day for which an election under section 1395d(d) of this title is in effect for the individual and ending with the close of the first period of 14 consecutive days on each of which such an election is not in effect for the individual. (B) During the period of an election by an individual under section 1395d(d)(1) of this title , no copayments or deductibles other than those under subparagraph (A) shall apply with respect to services furnished to such individual which constitute hospice care, regardless of the setting in which such services are furnished.


42 USC § 1395e(a)(4)

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For purposes of this subparagraph
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