represented beneficiary

(iv) (I) Subject to subclause (II), the Commissioner shall ensure that any funds used for grants under clause (i) shall be allocated to the protection and advocacy systems serving each of the States and the American Indian consortium in a manner such that the amount provided to each protection and advocacy system bears the same ratio to the total of such funds as the number of represented beneficiaries in the State or American Indian consortium in which such protection and advocacy system is located bears to the total number of represented beneficiaries. (II) The amount of an annual grant to a protection and advocacy system under clause (i) shall— (aa) in the case of a protection and advocacy system serving American Samoa, Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or the American Indian consortium, not be less than $30,000; and (bb) in the case of a protection and advocacy system serving any other State, not be less than $60,000. (III) Funds provided to a protection and advocacy system through a grant under clause (i) for a 1-year period shall remain available through the end of the following 1-year period. (IV) For purposes of this clause, the term “represented beneficiary” means an individual— (aa) who is entitled to benefits under this subchapter, subchapter VIII, or subchapter XVI; and (bb) whose benefits have been certified for payment to a representative payee.


42 USC § 405(iii)(iv)

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