(1) The term “institution” means any facility or institution— (A) which is owned, operated, or managed by, or provides services on behalf of any State or political subdivision of a State; and (B) which is— (i) for persons who are mentally ill, disabled, or retarded, or chronically ill or handicapped; (ii) a jail, prison, or other correctional facility; (iii) a pretrial detention facility; (iv) for juveniles— (I) held awaiting trial; (II) residing in such facility or institution for purposes of receiving care or treatment; or (III) residing for any State purpose in such facility or institution (other than a residential facility providing only elementary or secondary education that is not an institution in which reside juveniles who are adjudicated delinquent, in need of supervision, neglected, placed in State custody, mentally ill or disabled, mentally retarded, or chronically ill or handicapped); or (v) providing skilled nursing, intermediate or long-term care, or custodial or residential care.


42 USC § 1997(1)

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