accidental release

(2) Definitions (A) The term “accidental release” means an unanticipated emission of a regulated substance or other extremely hazardous substance into the ambient air from a stationary source. (B) The term “regulated substance” means a substance listed under paragraph (3). (C) The term “stationary source” means any buildings, structures, equipment, installations or substance emitting stationary activities (i) which belong to the same industrial group, (ii) which are located on one or more contiguous properties, (iii) which are under the control of the same person (or persons under common control), and (iv) from which an accidental release may occur. (D) The term “retail facility” means a stationary source at which more than one-half of the income is obtained from direct sales to end users or at which more than one-half of the fuel sold, by volume, is sold through a cylinder exchange program.


42 USC § 7412(r)(2)

Scoping language

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