(10) Definitions For purposes of this subsection: (A) Award The term “award” includes a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement determined by the Secretary. (B) Biospecimen The term “biospecimen” includes— (i) solid tumor tissue or bone marrow; (ii) normal or control tissue; (iii) blood and plasma; (iv) DNA and RNA extractions; (v) familial DNA; and (vi) any other sample relevant to cancer research, as required by the Secretary. (C) Clinical and demographic information The term “clinical and demographic information” includes— (i) date of diagnosis; (ii) age at diagnosis; (iii) the patient’s sex, race, ethnicity, and environmental exposures; (iv) extent of disease at enrollment; (v) site of metastases; (vi) location of primary tumor coded; (vii) histologic diagnosis; (viii) tumor marker data when available; (ix) treatment and outcome data; (x) information related to specimen quality; and (xi) any other applicable information required by the Secretary.


42 USC § 285a-11(a)(10)

Scoping language

For purposes of this subsection
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