life-of-the-unit, firm power contractual arrangement

(27) The term “life-of-the-unit, firm power contractual arrangement” means a unit participation power sales agreement under which a utility or industrial customer reserves, or is entitled to receive, a specified amount or percentage of capacity and associated energy generated by a specified generating unit (or units) and pays its proportional amount of such unit’s total costs, pursuant to a contract either— (A) for the life of the unit; (B) for a cumulative term of no less than 30 years, including contracts that permit an election for early termination; or (C) for a period equal to or greater than 25 years or 70 percent of the economic useful life of the unit determined as of the time the unit was built, with option rights to purchase or re-lease some portion of the capacity and associated energy generated by the unit (or units) at the end of the period.


42 USC § 7651a(27)

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