(6) Participating contractors (A) In general Except as provided in subsection (a)(4), payment shall not be made for items and services described in subsection (a)(2) furnished by a contractor and for which competition is conducted under this section unless— (i) the contractor has submitted a bid for such items and services under this section; and (ii) the Secretary has awarded a contract to the contractor for such items and services under this section. (B) Bid defined In this section, the term “bid” means an offer to furnish an item or service for a particular price and time period that includes, where appropriate, any services that are attendant to the furnishing of the item or service. (C) Rules for mergers and acquisitions In applying subparagraph (A) to a contractor, the contractor shall include a successor entity in the case of a merger or acquisition, if the successor entity assumes such contract along with any liabilities that may have occurred thereunder. (D) Protection of small suppliers In developing procedures relating to bids and the awarding of contracts under this section, the Secretary shall take appropriate steps to ensure that small suppliers of items and services have an opportunity to be considered for participation in the program under this section.


42 USC § 1395w-3(b)(6)

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