community housing development organization

(6) The term “community housing development organization” means a nonprofit organization as defined in paragraph (5), that— (A) has among its purposes the provision of decent housing that is affordable to low-income and moderate-income persons; (B) maintains, through significant representation on the organization’s governing board and otherwise, accountability to low-income community residents and, to the extent practicable, low-income beneficiaries with regard to decisions on the design, siting, development, and management of affordable housing; (C) has a demonstrated capacity for carrying out activities assisted under this Act; and (D) has a history of serving the local community or communities within which housing to be assisted under this Act is to be located. In the case of an organization serving more than one county, the Secretary may not require that such organization, to be considered a community housing development organization for purposes of this Act, include as members on the organization’s governing board low-income persons residing in each county served.


42 USC § 12704(6)

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