Merchantable Timber

(4) Covenants, reservations, terms and conditions The covenants, reservations, terms and conditions set forth in this paragraph and in paragraphs (5) and (6) with respect to the Conveyance Lands shall run with the land and shall be incorporated into the interim conveyance, if any, and patent conveying the lands to Elim. (A) Consistent with paragraph (3)(C) and subject to the applicable covenants, reservations, terms and conditions contained in this paragraph and paragraphs (5) and (6), Elim shall have all rights to the timber resources of the Conveyance Lands for any use including, but not limited to, construction of homes, cabins, for firewood and other domestic uses on any Elim lands: Provided, That cutting and removal of Merchantable Timber from the Conveyance Lands for sale shall not be permitted: Provided further, That Elim shall not construct roads and related infrastructure for the support of such cutting and removal of timber for sale or permit others to do so. “Merchantable Timber” means timber that can be harvested and marketed by a prudent operator. (B) Public Land Order 5563 of December 16, 1975 , which made hot or medicinal springs available to other Native Corporations for selection and conveyance, is hereby modified to the extent necessary to permit the selection by Elim of the lands heretofore encompassed in any withdrawal of hot or medicinal springs and is withdrawn pursuant to this subsection. The Secretary is authorized and directed to convey such selections of hot or medicinal springs (hereinafter referred to as “hot springs”) subject to applicable covenants, reservations, terms and conditions contained in paragraphs (5) and (6). (C) Should Elim select and have conveyed to it lands encompassing portions of the Tubutulik River or Clear Creek, or both, Elim shall not permit surface occupancy or knowingly permit any other activity on those portions of land lying within the bed of or within 300 feet of the ordinary high waterline of either or both of these water courses for purposes associated with mineral or other development or activity if they would cause or are likely to cause erosion or siltation of either water course to an extent that would significantly adversely impact water quality or fish habitat.


43 USC § 1618(c)(4)

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