monthly compensation base

(2) Monthly Compensation Base.— (A) In general .— For purposes of subdivision (1), the term “monthly compensation base” means the amount— (i) of $400 for calendar months before January 1, 1984 ; (ii) of $600 for calendar months after December 31, 1983 and before January 1, 1989 ; and (iii) computed under subparagraph (B) for months after December 31, 1988 . (B) Computation.— (i) In general .— The amount of the monthly compensation base for each calendar year beginning after December 31, 1988 , is the greater of— (I) $600; or (II) the amount, as rounded under clause (iii) if applicable, computed under the formula: A−37,800 B=600 A 1+ ————  56,700 (ii) Meaning of symbols .— For the purposes of the formula in clause (i)— (I) “B” is the dollar amount of the monthly compensation base; and (II) “A” is the amount of the applicable base with respect to tier 1 taxes, for the calendar year for which the monthly compensation base is being computed, as determined under section 3231(e)(2) of title 26 . (iii) Rounding rule .— If the monthly compensation base computed under this formula is not a multiple of $5, it shall be rounded to the nearest multiple of $5, with such rounding being upward in the event the amount computed is equidistant between two multiples of $5.


45 USC § 351(i)(2)

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