war service period

(2) For purposes of section 231b(i)(2) of this title , a “war service period” shall mean (A) any war period, or (B) with respect to any particular individual, any period during which such individual (i) having been in military service at the end of a war period, was required to continue in military service, or (ii) was required by call of the President, or by any Act of Congress or regulation, order, or proclamation pursuant thereto, to enter and continue in military service, or (C) any period after September 7, 1939 , with respect to which a state of national emergency was duly declared to exist which requires a strengthening of the national defense. For purposes of section 231b(i)(2) of this title , the period beginning on June 15, 1948 , and ending on December 15, 1950 , shall be deemed to be a war service period with respect to any individual who without intervening employment not covered by this subchapter rendered service as an employee to an employer under this subchapter in the year such individual was released from active military service or in the year immediately following such year.


45 USC § 231(g)(2)

Scoping language

For purposes of section 231b
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