marine highway transportation

(1) The term “marine highway transportation” means the carriage by a documented vessel of cargo (including such carriage of cargo and passengers), if such cargo— (A) is— (i) contained in intermodal cargo containers and loaded by crane on the vessel; (ii) loaded on the vessel by means of wheeled technology, including roll-on roll-off cargo; (iii) shipped in discrete units or packages that are handled individually, palletized, or unitized for purposes of transportation; (iv) bulk, liquid, or loose cargo loaded in tanks, holds, hoppers, or on deck; or (v) freight vehicles carried aboard commuter ferry boats; and (B) is— (i) loaded at a port in the United States and unloaded either at another port in the United States or at a port in Canada or Mexico; or (ii) loaded at a port in Canada or Mexico and unloaded at a port in the United States.


46 USC § 55605(1)

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