(14) Vessel .— The term “vessel” means any type of vessel, whether in existence or under construction, including— (A) a cargo vessel; (B) a passenger vessel; (C) a combination cargo and passenger vessel; (D) a tanker; (E) a tug or towboat; (F) a barge; (G) a dredge; (H) a floating drydock with a capacity of at least 35,000 lifting tons and a beam of at least 125 feet between the wing walls; (I) an oceanographic research vessel; (J) an instruction vessel; (K) a pollution treatment, abatement, or control vessel; (L) a fishing vessel whose ownership meets the citizenship requirements under section 50501 of this title for documenting vessels to operate in the coastwise trade; and (M) an ocean thermal energy conversion facility or plantship that is or will be documented under the laws of the United States.


46 USC § 53701(14)

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