Federal regional commission or authority

(3) Non-Federal share of broadband infrastructure deployment costs (A) In general (i) Matching requirement In allocating grant funds received under this section for deployment of broadband networks, an eligible entity shall provide, or require a subgrantee to provide, a contribution, derived from non-Federal funds (or funds from a Federal regional commission or authority), except in high-cost areas or as otherwise provided by this Act, of not less than 25 percent of project costs. (ii) Waiver Upon request by an eligible entity or a subgrantee, the Assistant Secretary may reduce or waive the required matching contribution under clause (i). (B) Source of match A matching contribution under subparagraph (A)— (i) may be provided by an eligible entity, a unit of local government, a utility company, a cooperative, a nonprofit organization, a for-profit company, regional planning or governmental organization, a Federal regional commission or authority, or any combination thereof; (ii) may include in-kind contributions; and (iii) may include funds that were provided to an eligible entity or a subgrantee— (I) under— (aa) the Families First Coronavirus Response Act ( Public Law 116–127 ; 134 Stat. 178 ); (bb) the CARES Act ( Public Law 116–136 ; 134 Stat. 281 ); (cc) the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 ( Public Law 116–260 ; 134 Stat. 1182 ); (dd) the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 ( Public Law 117–2 ; 135 Stat. 4 ); or (ee) any amendment made by an Act described in any of items (aa) through (dd); and (II) for the purpose of deployment of broadband service, as described in the applicable provision of law described in subclause (I). (C) Definition For purposes of this paragraph, the term “Federal regional commission or authority” means— (i) the Appalachian Regional Commission; (ii) the Delta Regional Authority; (iii) the Denali Commission; and (iv) the Northern Border Regional Commission.


47 USC § 1702(h)(3)

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