affordable connectivity benefit

(7) Affordable connectivity benefit (A) In general Subject to subparagraph (B), the term “affordable connectivity benefit” means a monthly discount for an eligible household applied to the actual amount charged to such household, in an amount equal to such amount charged, but not more than $30, or, if an internet service offering is provided to an eligible household on Tribal land, not more than $75. (B) High-cost areas The Commission shall, by regulation, establish a mechanism by which a participating provider in a high-cost area (as defined in section 1702(a)(2) of this title ) may provide an affordable connectivity benefit in an amount up to the amount specified in subparagraph (A) for an internet service offering provided on Tribal land upon a showing that the applicability of the lower limit under subparagraph (A) to the provision of the affordable connectivity benefit by the provider would cause particularized economic hardship to the provider such that the provider may not be able to maintain the operation of part or all of its broadband network.


47 USC § 1752(a)(7)

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