accredited standards development organization

(8) Definitions For purposes of this subsection: (A) The term “affiliate” shall have the same meaning as in section 153 of this title , except that, for purposes of paragraph (1)(B)— (i) an aggregate voting equity interest in Bell Communications Research, Inc., of at least 5 percent of its total voting equity, owned directly or indirectly by more than 1 otherwise unaffiliated Bell operating company, shall constitute an affiliate relationship; and (ii) a voting equity interest in Bell Communications Research, Inc., by any otherwise unaffiliated Bell operating company of less than 1 percent of Bell Communications Research’s total voting equity shall not be considered to be an equity interest under this paragraph. (B) The term “generic requirement” means a description of acceptable product attributes for use by local exchange carriers in establishing product specifications for the purchase of telecommunications equipment, customer premises equipment, and software integral thereto. (C) The term “industry-wide” means activities funded by or performed on behalf of local exchange carriers for use in providing wireline telephone exchange service whose combined total of deployed access lines in the United States constitutes at least 30 percent of all access lines deployed by telecommunications carriers in the United States as of February 8, 1996 . (D) The term “certification” means any technical process whereby a party determines whether a product, for use by more than one local exchange carrier, conforms with the specified requirements pertaining to such product. (E) The term “accredited standards development organization” means an entity composed of industry members which has been accredited by an institution vested with the responsibility for standards accreditation by the industry.


47 USC § 273(d)(8)

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For purposes of this subsection
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