(46) Ship (A) The term “ship” or “vessel” includes every description of watercraft or other artificial contrivance, except aircraft, used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water, whether or not it is actually afloat. (B) A ship shall be considered a passenger ship if it carries or is licensed or certificated to carry more than twelve passengers. (C) A cargo ship means any ship not a passenger ship. (D) A passenger is any person carried on board a ship or vessel except (1) the officers and crew actually employed to man and operate the ship, (2) persons employed to carry on the business of the ship, and (3) persons on board a ship when they are carried, either because of the obligation laid upon the master to carry shipwrecked, distressed, or other persons in like or similar situations or by reason of any circumstance over which neither the master, the owner, nor the charterer (if any) has control. (E) “Nuclear ship” means a ship provided with a nuclear powerplant.


47 USC § 153(46)

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