commercial motor vehicle

(4) “commercial motor vehicle” means a motor vehicle used in commerce to transport passengers or property that— (A) has a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of at least 26,001 pounds, whichever is greater, or a lesser gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight the Secretary of Transportation prescribes by regulation, but not less than a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,001 pounds; (B) is designed to transport at least 16 passengers including the driver; or (C) is used to transport material found by the Secretary to be hazardous under section 5103 of this title , except that a vehicle shall not be included as a commercial motor vehicle under this subclause if— (i) the vehicle does not satisfy the weight requirements of subclause (A) of this clause; (ii) the vehicle is transporting material listed as hazardous under section 306(a) of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 ( 42 U.S.C. 9656(a) ) and is not otherwise regulated by the Secretary or is transporting a consumer commodity or limited quantity of hazardous material as defined in section 171.8 of title 49, Code of Federal Regulations ; and (iii) the Secretary does not deny the application of this exception to the vehicle (individually or as part of a class of motor vehicles) in the interest of safety.


49 USC § 31301(4)

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